We took a dip and ordered The Pepper Pot from Edgebaston off a restaurant menu. When we

The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot

noted from the description that this was one of David Finlayson’s creations we knew we were in for a treat.

The Finlaysons had been a huge influence on the South African wine industry for three generations since Dr Maurice Finlayson, a pathologist from Inverness, Scotland, started a wine business at Hartenberg, Stellenbosch. His son Walter started and built up Glen Carlou in Paarl. He was soon joined by his son David and in time Glen Carlou was sold to the Hess Family Estates and the Finlaysons have since been crafting accoladed wines on Edgebaston family farm.

This unusual blend Syrah 46%, Mourvedre 46 % and Tannat 8% is brash, bold, in your face  and a great boerewors wine. The coriander and allspice in this traditional South African sausage enhance the white pepper flavour in the wine.  On its own The Pepper Pot has a surprisingly dominant blueberry flavour and is very smooth.

My rating of this wine is 15/20 – a good quality, well made wine.

The Pepper Pot has a screwcap.

Alcohol 14.5

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