Amongst the diverse and enjoyable wines that added sparkle to the holidays, one stood out from all others.

A wine collector and bon vivant, Jude, personal chef to the Canadian Ambassador in Oslo, Norway, shared a Kanonkop Black Label Pinotage 2007 with us to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Co-owner of Kanonkop Estate, Paul Krige’s vision for the limited release of 1,000 bottles is that the market will decide the true value of this wine. Only two negociants control the supply and demand so that stock will be bought back from willing sellers to sell on for a higher price. More of this secondary market will help to establish South Africa as a producer of really premium wines and will set in motion a new set of dynamics in the industry as well as create a greater appreciation for truly fine, collectible wines.

Char-grilled ostrich steaks paired absolutely with the beautiful wine. For me, sipping this pinotage was ultimate local wine experience for me.

But let’s hear what Jude had to say:

Char-grilled ostrich steaks

Char-grilled ostrich steaks

The canon

The canon

2 Responses to “A wine worthy of contemplation”

  1. Madelen says:


    My name is Madelen. I live in Cape Town since 2 years back. I have a question for you. My mother who lives in Sweden is a great winelover. I know that you in Germany, Italy and Spain can buy a wine tree? Can you do that anywhere in Cape Town. I would love to give that to my mother as a present! Please if you know anything about this I would really appreciate a reply.

    Kind Regards


  2. Gary says:

    I’m supremely jealous, Glenda! How good was it? And compared to the ‘normal’ pinotage?

    I’ve become something of a disciple of Kanonkop, their wine truly is excellent!
    Hope all’s well back in our pretty city :)

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